Cost of Running an Inflatable Spa

It is important not to ignore the cost of running an inflatable spa. If you ever consider purchasing and owning a hot tub, buying an inflatable spa is an amazing way to own a hot tub without spending thousands of dollars on purchasing and maintenance price. 

Cost of Running an Inflatable Spa

However, most people only tend to look into the cost of purchasing their spas alone and fail to research the cost of running the spa. The cost of running an inflatable spa is highly dependent on how often you make use of it, and the rate at which the water heater is regulated. the cost of running the portable spa is determined by several factors.   

These factors range from the size of the inflatable spa, cost of purchasing the spa, rate of water heat, cost of electrical energy, and many more. Also, like a traditional spa, there is going to be a need for regular cleaning and maintenance of your inflatable spa. 

To determine the cost of running an inflatable spa, there are a few numbers of factors to consider.

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Of course, before you could run an inflatable spa or any spa at all, energy is required to warm up and control the hydra water jets inside the spa—getting electricity to power up the operations of your inflatable spa is not free also not cheap. 

Electricity rate is usually the highest cost incurred from the usage of inflatable spas. Getting the water to warm up will consume the highest voltage of electricity. 

However, the cost of operating an inflatable spa through the usage of electricity is majorly determined by the brand of the spa you purchase. Also, the supply of electricity tariff in the area you live in. 

Hence, to reduce the cost of electricity bills, and save money from the usage of your inflatable spa, there are lots of factors that can influence the rate of energy your spa consumes.

Factors to consider to help your inflatable spa consume less electricity:  

Keep Inflatable Spa insulated

One of the biggest factors to determine how much electricity to be used when running your spa is how insulated your spa is—this will affect how fast heat circulates the spa water when it is powered. Also, when an inflatable spa is not properly covered, it affects how fast heat is lost from the water.

To ensure that an inflatable spa is properly insulated, add an extra pad underneath the area your spa is erected, separate from the pad that comes along with your spa when you purchased it. This will make a huge impact on how well the water maintains temperature.

Consider your location  

Another important factor to consider is how much wind your inflatable spa is exposed to. For instance, if your portable spa is inside the house, it might require little time to get water warmed up—this is because the water inside the spa is not exposed to the wind outside. This will better control the temperature of the water in your inflatable spa and helps to cool it down a little slower.

However, if you do not like the idea of an indoor spa, you can install your inflatable spa outside with a fence, or a gazebo around it. This will help to control the direction of wind towards the spa.

Get a Cheaper Source of Electricity

To reduce the running cost of using an inflatable spa, choosing the right source of electricity is also an important factor to consider. 

To save money and energy when using your portable spa, consider buying electricity more cheaply—this can help to reduce the amount of money spent on electricity bills. 

Another option you can put into consideration is getting solar panels or if you have a solar panel, you will not have to worry about heating your inflatable spa with regular electricity during the day. This will allow you to keep your spa heated up during the day, and allow you to turn off the spa heater at night when it can cost you more electricity bills. 

Keep the Right Temperature 

If you are certain your inflatable spa has gotten all the necessary factors to help you reduce the cost of electricity, the next factor to consider is what temperature you should be operating your spa on, and what temperature you should be keeping your spa at when it is not in use. This will go a long way to minimize power usage.

However, to ensure that this factor works perfectly, we have to understand that keeping an inflatable spa turned off when it’s not in use will go a long way to reduce electricity bills.

Water Cost

Even though the cost of running water is not a huge factor in running an inflatable spa, the cost of running the water should still be considered properly to accumulate the total cost of running a mobile spa.

The price of getting water, cleaning of water with different chemical treatments, and changing of water filters are the major factors that affect the running cost of water. 

Cost of Water

The cost of getting water will be greatly dependent on the environment you live in, also the source or supplier of the water will determine to a great extent the amount you will spend to fill your inflatable spa.

Water treatment

To help reduce the amount of money spent on water treatment, it is best to buy water chemical treatment substances in packs to save you from a long-term cost.

Water treatment is also one of the most expensive costs of running an inflatable spa—this so because you want to make sure your spa water is healthy, free from germs, and bacteria of any kind when you want to use it. 

Filter Cost

The filter cost of running an inflatable spa is also not so cheap. To reduce the cost of running an inflatable spa, it is recommended to have additional filters at home for rotation purposes. 

The filter cartridge is one of the most important factors in running an inflatable spa—this is because it helps to sieve out dirt from the water and leave the water clean and healthy for usage. 

Due to this reason, it is crucial to always have an extra filter cartridge at home, and change them regularly—depending on the frequent usage of the spa. 


Running any kind of spa at all is not cheap. However, if you are looking to buy a cheaper spa, purchasing an inflatable version is your best chance of reducing the cost of running the spa and saving yourself a few hundred dollars. Hence, if you have been wondering about how much it costs to run an inflatable spa, this article has pointed out a few factors as well as the various ways to reduce the cost of running it.   

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