Difference Between Regular Spa and Inflatable Spa

One of the first things people want to know when they are trying to purchase a hot tub is deciding between a regular tub and an inflatable spa. 

Difference Between Regular Spa and Inflatable Spa

If you are looking to purchase a tub for the first time, and you are confused about which to go for—between an inflatable spa and a regular tub, this article is for you.

However, if by chance you already know which one of the tubs to go for, this article will help to enlighten you more on how best to use and maintain the tub you have decided to purchase.

Hence, in this article, our concentration is going to be on the “Havana Spas Brand” inflatable spa. Now let us consider the key factor differences between a regular spa and an inflatable spa. 

Life Span


As a result of the growth in technological designs and innovation, the use of inflatable spas has become common over the last few years, likewise the designs and the durability of the mobile spa—this is due to the substances used in the making of the spa components.  

When making decisions on which to buy between an inflatable spa and a regular spa, the life span which is equally referred to as the durability of the spa should be greatly considered. learn about the features of the Inflatable Spa visit https://havanaspas.com.au/

However, if you are purchasing an inflatable spa, bear in mind that they do not have a longer life span like that of a regular spa—that is permanently built. As durable as an inflatable spa is built, they are also prone to some factors that reduce its performance and years of usage. 

Some of this factor results from deflation as a result of the spa getting punctured or getting old. This can result in leakage. Nonetheless, it is impossible to give an inflatable spa a 100 percent validity on how long an inflatable spa can last.

Hence, if you properly maintain your inflatable spa and carefully use it, your spa should be able to last up to 5years of usage—but be sure you are buying a new spa to enjoy this possibility.


When it comes to people that like to make research before deciding on what time of spa to purchase, the details about a spa’s life span are very crucial when deciding on how long a spa will last in performance. 

A hot tub that does not have a lasting performance would not attract the purchasing power of first-time users. However, a regular spa is built from a rigid substance called polyethylene which makes it impossible to get punctured.

As a result, the regular spa is suitable for friends and family, including children and pets without worrying about if the tub will get deflated or not. 

Hence, the life span of a regular spa is determined by the standard and quality of the brand that manufactured it, also the rate at which the tub is maintained can greatly determine how long a spa will last. 

However, a regular spa can last more than 5-20 years of usage with proper maintenance.



Purchasing a spa depends on individual choice and pocket size. However, one thing that most buyers look out for is the characteristics of a spa—this means the special features that make a spa unique as a complete whole. These features include bubbles, light, music, jets, Bluetooth, seats, speaker, and many more. 

However, an inflatable spa cannot contend with a regular spa on these characteristics. Hence, some high standard inflatable spa offers a few characteristics which include light, and air blowers. 

It is very rare to find an inflatable spa that comes with Bluetooth, seats, and jets. Even if you find an inflatable spa that comes with jets, they usually come with the air jets at the base of the spa—giving the spa a bubble occurrence, slightly close to a massage. 


A regular spa on the other hand comprises more characteristics. Although they are very pricey, the choice still depends on individual preference. When you purchase a regular tub, you get to enjoy all the features that come with it. 

Thus, a regular spa comes with a different formation of lights, minimum of 20 massage jets, Bluetooth, music, air blower setup, and many other characteristics that come in quality. A regular spa has more gadgets than an inflatable spa.  

Also, a regular standard spa comes with Wi-Fi intelligence that allows it to connect to a smartphone or tablet. This helps to change the water temperature, turn lights on, and operate your spa from a distance.

Heat and Filter


One of the very important differences between an inflatable spa and the regular spa is the heating and filtration components. 

When it comes to heating and filtration, an inflatable spa has a bit of a disadvantage over the regular spa—because a regular spa is well insulated and has a better filter system than that of an inflatable spa. Hence, if you look at it from another point of view, the heat and filter system of an inflatable spa is not all that bad considering the price you purchase them for. 

However, an inflatable spa can be well insulated to retain heat by improvising. If you build a fence or a gazebo around your inflatable spa, it can help to make heat reduce at a lower rate—also, you can move your inflatable spa indoors during the winter period.   


A regular spa, on the other hand, has a better heating and filtration system. This is due to the high rate of water volume, strong and advanced filter cartridge, unified heating system, and perfect insulation. 

However, due to these components, a regular spa can maintain water heat, and get water cleaned better than an inflatable spa. Likewise, they can be used during the winter period outside of the house. 

Mobility and Comfortability


One major advantage an inflatable spa has over a regular or traditional spa is the mobility and comfortability features. An inflatable spa can be moved from one location to the other inside and outside the house—also, an inflatable spa can be taken for vacation with friends and family. 

Furthermore, it has been confirmed by both the users of inflatable spas and regular spas, that an inflatable spa is much more comfortable than a regular spa. This is due to the soft and flexible layers used in the production of the mobile spa.

Difference Between Regular Spa and Inflatable Spa

Whereas, a regular spa is made of a hard shell, that people find less comfortable in usage. Also, a regular spa is permanently erected in a fixed space, as a result, it cannot be moved from one location to the other. Hence, a regular spa can only be enjoyed with friends and family in a specified location. 

Difference Between Regular Spa and Inflatable Spa


Purchasing the best spa is a matter of choice and price. However, if you are looking for a spa that will serve you for a longer period, choosing the regular spa is not a bad idea—also, if you cannot afford the regular spa due to price, opting for the inflatable spa is your best bet. 

An inflatable spa is portable, mobile, and gives a comfortable experience for enjoyment. If you want to save yourself some thousands of cash, and still get to enjoy the massage experience of multiple jets easing the rest out of your muscles, purchase Havana inflatable spa.    

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