7 Tips for Setting Up an Inflatable Spa

Have you recently bought an inflatable hot tub and are at a loss on how to set it up? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with 7 tips for setting up your hot tub optimally. Consequently, you will be able to make the best use of it.

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What is an Inflatable Spa?

Since you’re here, you very likely know what an inflatable spa is. In the event that you don’t, an inflatable hot tub is a large bath that has a jet system capable of pumping and heating water. The inflatable spa is a more affordable alternative to the regular hot tub. What’s more? It is more flexible and well suited for people who have space constraints.

First Order of Business

When you buy an inflatable hot tub, you might feel overwhelmed when you think of how to take it from its deflated state to its usable state. However, with the right instructions, it is an easy thing to do.

Different inflatable hot tubs have different specifications and features. Because of this, it is nigh impossible to have a universal guideline for setting them up. However, there are things you can do, factors you should consider, which will make it easy to set them up. It is these factors that this article will address and give tips on.

To find out how to set up specific hot tubs, we recommend you go through the owner’s manual. Every hot tub should come with on. That, along with the tips laid down in this piece, will help you do a good job.

Tips for Setting Up an Inflatable Spa

Identify and Prepare a Suitable Site

The first thing you should do when looking to set up an inflatable spa is to identify a suitable location for it. Some people purchase inflatable hot tubs for temporary use while some do so for long term use. Regardless of which camp you belong to, this is something you must do.

Your ideal location must tick several boxes. They include:

  • It must be a level surface, whether it is a deck or your garden grounds
  • Ensure it is free of stones, rocks, and other debris that can damage your inflatable hot tub
  • If it is a deck, ensure it can handle your tub’s weight and that of its potential occupants
  • Ensure there is sufficient space to accommodate not only your hot tub, but also its pump
  • Ensure it is as close to a power outlet as possible

If the site you have in mind fulfills the above conditions, then it is the perfect place to set up your tub. Ideally, the location should also have some sort of windbreak if it is situated outdoors. This is important because, without a windbreak, any wind that blows will cool your water, which will result in more power being expended to keep it warm, hence, more expenses.

Assemble and Inflate Your Hot Tub

Once you’ve ticked the box in regards to the step above, the next thing you should do is assemble your inflatable spa.

Firstly, take it out of its parcel. Then, lay it down on a flat expansive surface and connect the inflation valve to it.

Next, inflate the spa with the pump. To do this:

  • Connect the pump to a power outlet
  • Attach the inflation hose to the pump and spa
  • Switch the pump on and inflate the tub

A note of warning: do not overinflate your tub as this will strain its seams. Consequently, it will rip and start leaking. Besides, hot tubs handle a lot of pressure when filled with water. If overinflated, this pressure will be too much. And this can damage not only the seams, but also the connectors. If you’re wondering what pressure to inflate your tub to, the answer is in the owner’s manual. Manufacturers always include it inside.

Inflate the Tub’s Lid

Once you’re done inflating the hot tub, do the same to its lid. Unlink the inflation hose from the tub, then connect that end to the lid. The other end should still be connected to the pump. Then, switch on the pump.

When you’re done inflating the lid, pack the inflation hose and store it.

If you’ve been inflating your hot tub at a site different from where you intend to situate it, this is the point where you move it.

Attach the Pump

Once you’ve concluded the above step, attach the pump to the tub. Without it, there’s no “hot” tub. Refer to the owner’s manual for detailed steps on how to do this.

Fill the Tub with Water

The next thing to do after the above step is to fill it water. Before you do this, ensure the drain cover is strongly affixed to the tub; otherwise, the tub will leak. After this, attach the filter. To do this, simply screw it onto the water intake valve.

Once you’ve done this, rinse out the tub to eliminate any debris that might have lodged inside. Then, fill it up with water. You can use a garden hose for this. When you fill the tub, ensure the water you pour in stays somewhere between the minimum and maximum height markings. An overfilled inflatable spa is not ideal. There are several reasons for this. The two most common ones are: it will strain the tub and result in leakage, and it will spill over when people get inside. An underfilled tub is also not ideal as it can result in the pump and heater malfunctioning.

Heat the Water

Your pump unit has two buttons for controlling the water filter and heater. Turn them both on and use the water heater controls to set your preferred temperature.

Treat the Water

Finally, treat the water to eliminate microorganisms. There are several ways to do this. However, we recommend the following:

  • Shock the water
  • Adjust the pH to a suitable range
  • Add chlorine or bromine

Doing these will sanitize the water and ensure it is suitable for use.

If you follow the steps above, along with the guidelines laid out in your tub’s owner’s manual, you will set up your inflatable spa correctly. As a result, you will be able to make optimal use of it.

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