Inflatable Spas: Portable Jacuzzis

Are inflatable spas in Australia a new trend or is this something that has been around for quite some time? If so, it certainly seems to be gaining momentum. Why? There are several distinct reasons. We’ll explore those below.

Inflatable Spas: Portable Jacuzzis


First, inflatable spas can be deflated and set up anywhere. This makes them a flexible, convenient amenity to have at home, even when the weather is not cooperative. Look at all of the times you have had to move a fixed spa to an indoor location because of the extreme heat or cold. When winter hits and the air temperatures drop, it is usually very difficult to get the spa back into shape. It may need to be pumped some extra air and rebalanced, or cleaned and painted. An inflatable spa, however, can easily be set up where you want it, regardless of the temperature – and usually much easier than cleaning and re-painting a fixed spa. Learn more about Inflatable by clicking here.

Use for Both Hot and Cold Showers

Another reason why inflatable spas are gaining in popularity is because they can be used for both hot and cold showers. This makes them a great addition to a family unit or apartment – they make hot tub use more easily managed, and they make cold showers (or baths) easier to take along with you. Some hot tub models even come with built-in water bladders that allow you to add hot or cold water while you are out of the shower (an advantage over the limited access that some cold tubs have). Inflatable spas are great if you want to take advantage of the unique benefits of both types of showers.

Use it outside

The second biggest benefit of inflatable spas comes to you when you want to use them outside. Inflatable spas are perfect for raking leaves or shoveling snow. There is no need to lug a bulky, heavy spa and all of its accessories around. The same can be said for camping trips or day hikes. You don’t have to worry about the portable hot tub being exposed to the elements as you are trekking or kayaking. Tips for setting up an inflatable spa.


There is one more benefit of portable, inflatable spas that might be a consideration for you. Inflatable spas are made using very simple and inexpensive technology. They are also easy to install, even for those who don’t want to pay for professional installation. This means that if you decide that you want an inflatable spa and don’t have the money to pay for it, you don’t have to worry that you will have to pay for professional installation services.


As you can see, there are many different ways that the inflatable spa benefits consumers. Perhaps the biggest benefit of inflatable spas comes from their portability. If you are in Australia, for example, you may find that you live in a remote area that lacks access to traditional spas. If this describes you, don’t let the lack of availability keep you from enjoying the hydrotherapy benefits of an inflatable spa. You can easily blow up your spa and enjoy a hydrotherapy session from anywhere in Australia. As a result, you will never be stuck in a location where you can’t have an affordable, quality spa treatment.

Think before you buy

When you are looking for an inflatable spa, you should always consider two things. First, check out the different sizes of inflatable spas so that you get one that is suited to your needs. You also need to think about the other features that inflatable spas offer. Do you want an inflatable hot tub with built-in jets? Or do you prefer an inflatable hot tub that comes with a removable bed so that you can increase the intensity of the water’s flow?

The second thing that you should think about when choosing inflatable spas is their portability. While portable spas definitely have their benefits, they also have some disadvantages that you need to think about. If you go with fixed spas, for instance, then there is no portability; it is permanently set up. If you choose portable jacuzzis, though, you will be able to change the air temperatures by deflating or expanding the bladder and pump accordingly.

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